Sunday, February 10, 2013


Wild! Awesome traditional classic rock album by these norsemen, straightforward with an mind-blowing assortment of killer rock riffs, bluesy grooves and heroic musicianship, with dozens of retro 70s/80s influences creating an overall hyper-addictive sound. Enriched by Toschies powerful and melodic vocals, this album sums up as their best work so far!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Kind of a more esoteric sixth album, with this heavy-talented Brooklyn-based indie trio moving directions by trading in more traditional instruments for electronics and venture out into no man's land. These guys are of course known for being consistently good but inconsistent, therefore “MIXIW“ (pronounced 'wish you') finds them merging dark electronic beats, upbeat rock tempos and dance rhythms with fields of synths, somewhat eerie background atmospherics, strange loops, slurred vocals and intriguing lyricism. With 11 tracks of mysterious concepts and unrelenting textures, “WIXIW“ sums up as a remarkable achievement, an unsettling melange of aversion and warmth, so to speak. Lovely and twisted, catchy and creepy. Delightfully fresh stuff to my ears!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


This is the real deal. Straightforward, primitive and somewhat ugly black metal, reminding of Darkthrone, Hellhammer and early Celtic Frost. Tangorodrim also feature the most cool and raw vocals that i've heard since Darkthrone's 'Panzerfaust'. Besides this (third) album of the band, which saw it's release in 2003, i especially recommend their second offer entitled 'Those Who Unleashed'. But all of their stuff is great in many ways. And while everyone thought they'd split-up, these guys released a new ep called 'Two Iron Rules' via Apocalyptic Empire records just some days ago. Not for wimps or posers!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Excellent pop album, that adds lot's of coolness to the table. Funk-driven bass lines, shimmering guitars and ultra-melodic vocal work therefore are just the basic set-up to a kinda danceable journey through their massive amount of influences. Bravo!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Finally, Croatian mastermind Petar Dundov’s third album and first full-length release since 2008 appears three years after his amazing 'Escapements' album, a spectacular debut which classifies as a real landmark release for Dundov, a character to be firmly established in the techno world and major figure in the Croatian dance music scene. 'Ideas From The Pond' therefore sees him masterfully mixing ingredients from different styles like Ambient, Techno, IDM, psychedelic House and a variety of (complex) cosmic sounds, extremely melodic and spaced out. Almost 80 minutes of epic and profoundly atmospheric compositions, partly clashing into dreamy/lazy mid-tempo beats - offering a special kind of sentimental, hypnotic playfulness. Beautiful layers of techno and galactic synthesizers, mesmerizing rhythms and shimmering melodies with an understated strength, citing old Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and stackful of 90s trance. A harmonious blend, breathtaking and highly recommended!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Impulsive fifth full-length from Norway's blackened thrashers, intense and supremely aggressive with an inevitable touch of rawness. It almost doesn't get any better than this. Buy or die.


This 4-track EP sees Matthew Dear striking new paths within his unique brand of (deep) experimental pop music, delivering some outstanding, playful and delicate stuff that makes us all lust for his upcoming fifth album 'Beams'.